June 10, 2023

Beginner's Guide to Creating Real Estate Images with AI (Midjourney Prompt Cheatsheet)

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Stellar Real Estate Photos with Midjourney: From Inspiration to Execution
A Beginner's Guide to Creating Stellar Real Estate Photos with Midjourney: From Inspiration to Execution

Real estate professionals, don your virtual hard hats. We're about to delve into the groundbreaking realm of AI-assisted real estate photography.

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In this era of digital evolution, homebuyers are finding their dream homes online, long before they ever set foot on the property. An impressive 93% of home buyers start their search on the internet, and photos are the first thing they look at. The job of real estate photography, then, is paramount. It's all about capturing a lifestyle, not just a living space.

The Magic of Midjourney

Midjourney, an AI-based tool, revolutionizes the process. It's akin to an artist with an infinite color palette and an unrivaled imagination. But the key to truly leveraging Midjourney is understanding its operation, which ironically is quite like a camera.

The commands you give to Midjourney are like adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO of a camera. You set the style, the chaos (or abstraction level), the resolution, the aspect ratio, and even exclude unwanted elements using '-no' command just like removing photobombs from your perfect click. Your instruction is the camera setting, and Midjourney’s AI is the discerning photographer adjusting those settings for the perfect shot.

Midjourney Prompt Cheatsheet

Instruction No. Instruction Usage in Real Estate Photography
1 Style: Incorporate specific styles, artist influences, or lighting conditions in the output Useful to create unique architectural photo styles; for example, a mid-century modern house in an Edward Hopper style or with softbox lighting
2 Stylize Output: Regulate the level of style applied to the output using "-s" command Good for creating a series of photos with varying stylization for a property portfolio; for instance, /imagine a cozy living room – -s 6500
3 Chaos: Add abstract elements to the output using "-chaos" command Useful when creating abstract representations of property designs or elements; for example, /imagine modern kitchen – -chaos 80
4 Resolution: Get high-resolution outputs by using "-hd" or "-quality" commands Vital for getting high-quality real estate photos that can be used in print and digital marketing; for instance, an elegant dining room – -quality 8
5 Aspect Ratio: Control the image's aspect ratio using "-ar" or specify custom size with "-w" and "-h" commands Important for photos that need to fit certain display dimensions; for example, a panoramic view of a luxury villa – -ar 16:9 or – -w 800 – -h 350
6 Image as a Prompt: Use an online image URL for similar outputs Can be used to create consistent visual branding across all real estate images
7 Filtering out Words from Images: Use the "-no" command to remove unwanted elements from the output Great for cleaning up images and removing irrelevant items; for example, a spacious bedroom – -no clutter
8 /describe Command: Upload an image to get four different descriptive text prompts for image variations Can be used to generate various representations of the same property or space; ideal for providing multiple viewing angles and styles to prospective clients

Photography Basics

Mastering the basics of photography is critical to creating striking real estate photos with Midjourney. Why? Because like any skilled photographer, you need to understand the interplay of light, composition, and subject.

Photography is a narrative medium. Each photo tells a story. And each home has its unique story to tell. To help Midjourney tell these stories, commands like "-s" for stylizing and "-chaos" for abstraction help. It’s like setting the tone and mood of your photo story.

Researching Photographers and Architectural Designers

Before putting Midjourney to work, one must study the masters of the craft. Consider architectural photographers like Julius Shulman, whose photos of mid-century modern homes have defined an era. Or interior designers such as Kelly Wearstler, known for her distinctive, vibrant style. Research their works, note their unique styles and distinctive elements, and bring these references to your Midjourney commands. It’s like telling the AI, "Give me a living room shot à la Julius Shulman."

Putting it All Together

Finally, you take all this knowledge - the basics of photography, your research into photographers and designers, and your understanding of Midjourney - and put it to use. You are now poised to create real estate photos that truly stand out.

Remember, your mission is to sell a lifestyle, an idea of what life could be like in a home. So use Midjourney to craft photos that capture the imagination, that draw in potential buyers, and ultimately make your listings irresistible.


Navigating the realm of AI-assisted real estate photography may seem daunting at first, but remember - every journey begins with a single step. Or in this case, a single command. The potential of Midjourney is immense, and with a keen eye, an understanding of photography, and the right research, you can tap into this potential to create real estate photos that truly stand out.

Happy photo-crafting!

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